Bell Striker & Giant Buzz Bar

Price: £65
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Winnie the Pooh Bell Striker & Giant Buzz Bar

This ring a bell is aimed at the smaller kids. Standing at 6ft tall, why not test your strength and whack that bell!

This is perfect for school fetes or corporate events. This product also comes supplied with a popular sign of "Win a prize every time" which can be used at the hirers discretion.

Buzz Bar is a classic fair game, of trying to negotiate a metal hoop wand around the hand from one side to the other without the buzzer ringing. Great for school fetes as you can assign prizes for winnder - it is tricky! The difficulty will be sure to get the punters in! The The giant hand measures 77cm (30" high). Three lives are shown as red lights on the top of the base unit, and if all three LED lights go out a failure sound will play. A 60-second heartbeat timer to complete the buzzer which gets progressively faster keeping kids at height of tension trying to complete the game. If you complete the Hand a fanfare of trumpets will play. This game requires electricity.

Prizes not included

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Outdoors on Hard Surface