Pole Joust

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Inflatable Pole Joust

Pole Joust unit is an inflatable platform in which two users mount themselves on a solid pole which is situated across the centre of the unit. They then battle it out to see who is left remaining. Great activity unit for all ages, play against family members and friends, create family teams or boys verses girls.

This a great unit for BBQs and used as an alternative to a bouncy castle. It is popular for adult parties and older teenagers.

Length: 15ft (4.6m)
Width: 13ft (4m)
Height: 8ft (2.4m)

This inflatable is suitable for all ages. Pillow bashers, protective headgear and safety mats are provided.

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Suitable For Children
Suitable For Adults

Suitable For

Indoors on Hard Surface
Outdoors on Grass
Outdoors on Hard Surface

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