PIPA is inflatable play inspection. A PIPA tag is a tag which provides registration for the specific inflatable, the tag is place on the inflatable to aid customers to ensure they are hiring safely. All of Ellis Leisure's inflatables undergo the relevant testing which includes PIPA.

Public liability insurance is only valid if the operator has done everything possible to ensure safe use of the equipment (Health and Safety at Work Act 1974). For this to be the case, the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER) state that any inflatable hired has to have been annually tested by a competent person. A competent person is someone who has passed specialised examination and is registered with the RPII.

When an inflatable is tested it is provided a certificate and a PIPA tag. The certificate provides detailed information regarding the unit, the tester, the date tested and the certificates expiry date. The PIPA tag identifies a number which can be used searching the PIPA database for you to ensure your hire conforms.

Please feel free to use the link to search for any PIPA tag, we are always happy to provide ours: www.pipa.org.uk/findTag.asp

A PIPA tag means equipment is:

Designed to recognised standard based on safety

Tested by nationally qualified inspector

Approved for commercial use

The PIPA scheme delivers:

Improved safety for your children

HSE recognised best practice

Quality assurance

Certified initial test

Certified annual testing

PIPA has the support of:

All the industry associations

The Health and Safety Executive

Local authorities