Bowling Alley

Price: £65
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Bowling Alley Inflatable Game

Bowling Alley is an inflatable game where you have an alley with pins lined up at the end and people attempt to bowl the balls getting the highest score knocking down the pins. This is a great hire for back garden celebrations of even a BBQ.

Don't fancy wearing the awkward clown shoes at a bowling alley, why not hire our inflatable one for a whole days use, saving you money!

This is a great game, which really entertains and brings in a crowd and competitive nature.

Width: 6ft (1.85m)
Length: 20ft (6.25m)
Height: 8ft (2.45m)

Bowling balls and pins provided as well as a penalty mat in front of the unit, to rule out those cheaters.

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Suitable For Children
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Suitable For

Indoors on Hard Surface
Outdoors on Grass
Outdoors on Hard Surface

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