Stuck for a power point ? Not to worry! We as a company can offer you additional power sources.

If you are not within 45feet reach of a power point for each inflatable then additional power will be required. We have two different power source that we can offer you. Please see below the additional power options and prices.

Petrol Fan

Petrol blower(fan) is the perfect solution if you are stuck for power.

If you do not have a power point for your inflatable then a petrol blower is your answer.

Capable of running 1 bouncy castle each, we have many available for hire. If you require power for more than one bouncy castle, you can always hire more of this product or please see our 5.5 generator which is also an alternative source of power.

Full tank of fuel is included in the price (fuel will last approx. 4 hours)

Petrol Fan

Price: £25